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Kait Bertino - Realtor - Melbourne FL
Tom Kuhn - Realtor - Melbourne FL

Five reasons why now is a great time to buy!

(Especially in Florida)

1. Mortgage rates are high!  

  • Whaaaatt??? – Yep.  Mortgage rates right now are temporarily high, approaching 8%.  Most investors believe this is an artificial spike because of Fed anti-inflationary interest rate hikes.  The consensus is that they will be back down in the 4% range within a couple of years.  Right now, you can negotiate a price, not have to deal with multiple competing offers, and re-finance in a couple of years.  That’s a great situation!


2. Palm Bay, FL is the number one highly ranked area in the U.S. for first time home buyers.  You can read all about it in a study that has just come out on Wallet Hub.  Here's the info:


3. Housing prices in Florida, though they have run up recently, are in a temporary holding pattern.  If you think they’re high now, wait five years and check them!  Or better yet, don't wait five years!


4. The Space Coast has only begun to “blast off”.  Many more industries and jobs are coming every day to support the burgeoning space industry. 


5. New home builders are offering great incentives to buy right now.  We work with those builders.  

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